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Plans tarifaires

Unleash your creativity and make a phenomenal video showcasing how Hookle simplifies your life. The three best ones will be awarded lifetime access to Premium.


Video posts published April 2023 between the 1st of Apr 12:00 am and the 30th Apr 11:59 pm are accepted.


  • Create a video post or reel showcasing how Hookle simplifies your life. Let your creativity shine!

  • Publish on any of the following platforms: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook

  • Keep the video short and engaging, ideally no longer than 1-2 minutes.

  • Make sure the video is of good quality, with clear audio and visuals.

  • Share your video post using the hashtag #HookleMagic.

  • Tag Hookle's official social media accounts in your post.

  • Hookle app terms of service and privacy policy apply.


  • In May 2023, we will select the best ones and contact the winners on social media.

  • Make sure you have tagged Hookle's official social media account(s) and used hashtag #HookleMagic in your post for us to contact you.

  • We will unilaterally select the winners by using the following criteria: Three winners will be chosen in total, with two winners being selected based on the highest number of likes, and one based on creativity.

Good luck!

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